Financial Products

When looking for the best fees, whether it's on credit card processing, NSF insurance, POS Terminals- Stationary and Wireless, E-Commerce and Electric Check Recovery, National Treasury Solutions, LLC, will work with our numerous financial partners to broker for you the best goods and services to meet your needs, at a price that best fits your operating budget. National Treasury Solutions, LLC, will work with your current financial provider or recommend one, in developing the best soluton.

National Treasury Solutions, LLC offers:

ECR- Electronic Check Recovery
POS- Point of Sale Terminals, Stationary and Wireless
ACH Processing, Online Reporting, Credit Card Processing, Debit Card Processing, ATM Sales and Placement
Risk Management, Telephone Payments, Hard Collections, E-Commerce Solutions, Gift and Loyalty Cards, Billing Software Solutions

Electronic Check Recovery

In today's ultra competitive marketplace, accepting checks isn't a convenience, it's a necessitiy. While your customers expect you to accept checks, mistakes do happen. Letting them go unchecked can mean the difference between a profitable organization or a business with a time bomb that's waiting to go off. That's why a check recovery system is crucial to maximize use of your company's funds and continually manage and control return items.

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